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TA Foundation Course -

With Dave Spenceley TSTA - Internationally experienced TA trainer.

Foundation course and the award of Certificates - there are 3 certificates available!

1) - Certificate of Attendance from YTCi - stating that you have completed the YTCi foundation course.

2)UKATA - TA Award” ( - You can claim this from UKATA simply for completing 120 hours of TA training in any setting.

3) YTCi - Certificate of TA practice - This is an in-house certificate and is designed to be given one third of the way towards completion of the UKATA Diploma-

Foundation course topics and dates for 2016:

Further Details and TA Foundation Course requirements:

1. 101 certificate or attendance at the YTC – "Introduction to TA the 101 course" which forms a part of this course or commitment to attend the next available 101 course.

2. Submission of CV

3. Two professional references stating your suitability for entering this training programme.

4. Interview with the YTCi trainers – which may well take place during the 101 course.

5. Regular attendance and participation in the foundation course.

6. Completion of two assignments – this can be assessed written work or presentations in the foundation group.

7. Completion of a self and peer assessment at the end of the course.

8. Maintain an up to date training log, which includes self reflections on experience of training, supervision, therapy and practice of TA.

9. Members of the foundation course are required to be members of UKATA and to comply with the requirements of EATA, UKATA as well as complying with the YTCi course requirements.

10. The grievance procedures of the UKATA will be used to resolve professional disputes which cannot be resolved by the internal YTCi procedures.

11. Payment of the course fee in advance. Once membership has been agreed a contract to pay the full fees for the course has been agreed.

12. Payment is for membership not attendance.

13. The trainers have final say in whether trainees can continue in membership of the training group

Application for membership of the TA Foundation course:

Please sign a statement including the following:




Wed 6th / Thurs 7th

Contracts and contracting for this course

Understanding and using ego states.


Sun 7th / Mon 8th

Ego states continued - impasse theory and transference.


Tues 1st / Wed 2nd

Script theory and our life stories


Sun 10th / Mon 11th

Time Structure and Game Theory.


Mon 4th / Tues 5th

Passivity theory.... Symbiosis and discounting


Sat 6th / Sun 7th  

The Racket system - beliefs systems and emotions in practice


Sun 9th / Mon 10th


Applying TA in the fields of  Psychotherapy, Counselling and Coaching.

November - December

Wed 30th  / Thurs 1st

Ethics and TA Professional Practice

Review of course and assessments