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Yorkshire Training Centre International - Transactional Analysis (TA)

Working in Rome as the official EATA moderator at the CTA examinations - July 2011

Dave is with Carla de Nito and Susanna Bianchini from the TA training programme in the Rome

Uta's book is now in its third edition - TA and Mentoring in practice... you can buy it from Amazon… however it is only published in German! -

Sozialmanagement: Praxisanleitung Sozialmanagement. Anleiter/Innen-Qualifikation in sozialpädagogischen Berufen (Broschiert)

TA training and professional development - ideal for CPD

3 special workshops with Dave Spenceley TSTA:

1) March 4 / 5th (weekend) - Dreams and reflections in TA psychotherapy.

2) June 1 / 2nd (Thurs / Fri) – Healing relationships in TA psychotherapy – individual, couples and group work.

3) September 2 / 3rd (weekend) – Transgenerational and Cultural Script patterns and their impact on our lives; are our script stories a chain round our necks or a meaningful and supportive narrative?

TA Leadership and Executive Coaching with Uta Höhl TSTA:

DGTA Certified two year training course - Systemic TA and coaching and leadership skills and practice. The DGTA is the German TA national association. Visit the YTCi coaching website: