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Professional TA Training with YTCi  -

After 25 years we have decided to close the ongoing TA psychotherapy training group in Leeds and to focus on limited special workshops in Leeds and developing the psychotherapy, training and coaching in Romania and Germany:

Introduction to TA - for personal and Professional Development.

8 & 9th June 2017

The official TA “101 course” covering the key concepts of TA in 2 days.

TA training and professional development - ideal for CPD

3 special workshops with Dave Spenceley TSTA:

1) March 4 / 5th (weekend) - Dreams and reflections in TA psychotherapy.

2) June 1 / 2nd (Thurs / Fri) – Healing relationships in TA psychotherapy – individual, couples and group work.

3) September 2 / 3rd (weekend) – Transgenerational and Cultural Script patterns and their impact on our lives; are our script stories a chain round our necks or a meaningful and supportive narrative?

TA Leadership and Executive Coaching with Uta Höhl TSTA: This is a DGTA Certified two year training training course - Systemic TA and coaching and leadership skills and practice. The DGTA is the German TA national association. Visit the YTCi coaching website:

Six stages of training and development in the learning process: In this model the first three areas are seen as beginning stages, with the second three stages as being advanced. This model is based on an article by Bruce Loria 1983 TAJ, in which he quotes early educational works.